Your child is more than a diagnosis.

We take the time and care to learn what makes your child tick and brings the twinkle to their eye.

From there, we help them develop strong Foundations across all areas of development to ensure lasting therapeutic gains.

COVID-19 & Our Practice

We are OPEN at this time and following all CDC and City of Houston Ordinances. Everyone entering the building will be screened for exposure, abidance by CDC recommendations, and symptoms.

Our schedule has been adjusted for just four kids to be seen at a time in separated gym spaces with gaps between start times to allow for sanitation of all equipment used. We are sanitizing all high touch surfaces hourly and between sessions. All adults entering are required to wear a mask and all therapists will wear a mask and face shield during sessions.

Important Links

Our Health and Safety Plan

COVID-19 Sanitation Procedures


Our Mission

At Foundations Pediatric Therapy, we provide comprehensive, innovative, collaborative and evidence-based therapy services that build a strong foundation for children in all areas of development. By using a holistic and collaborative approach, we are able to tailor our services to support the child and family's needs for successful participation in everyday life.

Our Vision

Our vision is the be the gold standard of pediatric therapy services in the Houston community. We support children across all ages and abilities, as well as their families, to improve quality of their everyday lives. By building strong therapeutic relationships, we are able to cultivate lasting and meaningful change in our children's emotional, social, physical, and mental development. Our highly trained staff are not bound by productivity standards, therefore achieve work-place satisfaction in a motivating and empowering environment.